released July 2017
Burnt Friedman / “Dead Saints Chronicles” EP

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Marionette’s fifth installment sees Burnt Friedman channeling some sinister, mystical rhythms.

A1 Near Life (120-11)
A2 Acroagnosis (215-15)
A3 Languish (137-12)

B1 Grace (85-7) feat. Joseph Suchy
B2 Wentletrap (183-3) feat. Hayden Chisholm
B3 Repentance feat. Hayden Chisholm

“Friedman is untouchable at the moment. For this new one on Marionette he proffers four untitled, deftly orchestrated rhythm tracks… pure percussive psychedelia to be filed alongside Mark Ernestus’s mbalax experiments, Shackleton at his least florid, Don’t DJ, and the recent Latency sides from Rob Lowe and Bellows. There are points of correspondences with techno, but really the defining quality of this music is how free – as in unshackled from dancefloor imperatives – it feels. Recommended.” 
Low Company

‘Dead Saints Chronicles’ is an ode to drawing fascination from Near Death Experiences (NDEs). The title for the EP is inspired from a book written by David Solomon and Antony West, involving sifting through thousands of recorded NDEs, a process similar to that which Friedman used to revive pieces from his archive of DAT tapes. (Marionette)