Flanger ´s soundtrack to Szabolcs Hajdu´s feature film Bibliotheque Pascal was produced 2009-2010 and contains re-arranged Flanger tracks as well as exclusively composed soundtrack music by Burnt Friedman with Hayden Chisholm playing wind instruments.


01 1st May Festivity (Funeral March Version)
02 Mona At The Beach (Stepping Out Of My Dream Version)
03 Viorel´s Dream (Stepping Out Of My Dream Version)
04 Viorel´s Death (Music Is Our Secret Code Version)
05 Train To Europe (Tiny Tina Version)
06 Smoking Cabin (exclusive soundtrack)
07 Transit (exclusive soundtrack)
08 Liverpool Drive (In My Car Instrumental)
09 Bibliotheque Pascal (Down The River Instrumental)
10 Nightbeat Remix (based on Root 70 Version)
11 Viorica´s Dream (Stepping Out Of My Dream Version)
12 Horn Chord (exclusive soundtrack)
13 Mall Warming (exclusive soundtrack)

total length: 27 minutes. All track titles refer to film scences, although most of the tracks have had different titles (…) taken from Flanger´s Spirituals and Midnight Sound albums.

Film review

Film starts in Germany: 9th June 2011
Bibliotheque Pascal is now dubbed for german speaking culture: German Film homepage