Various Artists
Nonplace Soundtracks Vol.2
produced by Burnt Friedman and Hayden Chisholm

25 cinematic miniatures
Nonplace (non51CD)
CD/digital:available from Bandcamp
available from June 2020

Tracklisting CD

01.The Embassadors–Sailing Moonbound 3:20
02.Burnt Friedman–Uncommon Sense 1:17
03.The Embassadors–Andalusian Sun Strut 1:34
04.The Embassadors–Laced For The Queen 1:10
05.Burnt Friedman–Tape Intermezzo 0:09
06.Burnt Friedman–Pulse 1:17
07.Drome–Alice Effekt 2:38
08.Root70 plays The Nu Dub Players–Get Things Strait Dub 1:58
09.The Embassadors–Two Steps To Happiness 1:22
10.The Embassadors–Le Coup De Dance 2:58
11.The Embassadors–Blues For Paradise Lost 1:19
12.Burnt Friedman–Moist 1:46
13.Burnt Friedman–Healer Theme 1:05
14.Burnt Friedman w/ Joseph Suchy–Destination Known 0:45
15.Hayden Chisholm Quartet plays Flanger–Peninsula Ancora 2:31
16.The Embassadors–We Got Rhythm 1:30
17.The Embassadors–Plasma Dancehall 1:56
18.Burnt Friedman–When A Heart Goes To Sleep 0:55
19.Burnt Friedman–Roulette 1:45
20.Burnt Friedman w/ Daniel Dodd-Ellis–Supersession 1:12
21.The Embassadors–As She Danced In Tears 3:11
22.The Embassadors–Ace Of My Heart 1:16
23.Burnt Friedman–Altar Boy 2:24
24.Hayden Chisholm & Burnt Friedman–Silberne Libelle 1:30
25.Burnt Friedman–Predicament 1:45

second CD edition of instrumental soundtracks| composed and edited for film–or tv–companies|
produced by Burnt Friedman and Hayden Chisholm|
contributions from The Embassadors, Root70
(play Nu Dub Players), Hayden Chisholm, Flanger, Burnt Friedman and the 90s outlet, Drome.

|wild mixture of nostalgic tunes
|unceasing surprise
|assembly of live and studio performances
This is the second edition of instrumental soundtracks, composed and edited for film or television companies, tagged (on CD sleeve) and conducted conveniently to provoke absorption. All pieces were produced by Burnt Friedman and/or Hayden Chisholm as part of sessions with The Embassadors and Friedman´s score recording–sessions with contributions from The Embassadors, Root70 (playing The Nu Dub Players), Hayden Chisholm, Flanger, Burnt Friedman, Daniel Dodd–Ellis and Friedman’s 90s outlet, Drome. It’s not only a wild mixture of various jazz–centered quality tunes, but a continuously surprising assembly of sound substance under extremely different musical idioms. You hear compassion and anger, vulnerability and strength, but deepest of all, perhaps, a sadness that would be almost unendurable if it were not examined and transformed, somehow, into beauty.