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Vinyl out of print, 2002


A1. Consider A Bigger Wallet
A2. Paternoster
B1. Fuck Back (original version)
B2. Fuel Your Anger

“Prologue: This is all dub but no other dub is this. Ok, continue “Fuck Back” is hard like She-ra going into battle (nipples stiff) to shake the mohawks off an army of sold soul electroclashers. It’s sharp too. In prison you could slice a shank with this electric knife skank. “Fuel your Anger” and “Paternoster” offer more of a breather but it’s heavy air we’re breathing here. Put a cigarette in the center of the spinning wax and it will blow smoke rings. Melodicas and brass slide like hypnotized snakes. “Consider a Bigger Wallet” bounces on the strum of electric strings and popcorn drum beats. Burnt Friedman & the Nu Dub Players are one of the few groups making totally original, modern dub. They keep the freak on and never drift into too smooth downtempo emptiness. Epilogue: Fuck Back = quirky riddims locked into extraterrestrial grooves.” (frosty 2002)