released on 12″ Vinyl, 2001/“Think of the music as artificial nature, as music for a fifth season that’s more Disneyworld than Disneyworld ever will be.” (i-D 2001)


A1. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me warm
A2. I Go With You
A3. Sex Working Class
B1. Fucking Long Time
B2. Sex Is Not Right !

A project, or rather, a labour of love spanning the last four years, this EP is a teaser for the whole album shebang due out early 2001. Featuring vocalists and dialogue, the EP is described by Mr Friedman as “post-electronic pop and rock”. In other words, into your aural realm will gently creep soulful techno, organic dub stylings, electronic melodies and disembodied beats, created with the kind of TLC and unique sonic prowess that will surely have you begging for more.

“The 12″ Love Songs compiles five of Burnt’s fairly melodic but stealthily experimental pieces of post electronic pop and rock.” (Wax 2000)

not available anymore