Between 1994 and 1997 Burnt Friedman produced under the name Nonplace Urban Field (N.U.F.). Originally released on Incoming! , Golden Star was his last record as N.U.F.. With this album he managed to combine remixes of previous album tracks, taken from Raum Fuer Notizen (Space For Notes, 1996) with new material to built a continuous mix.  Further remixes were contributed by Solid Doctor, Scanner, Muslimgauze and Porter Ricks.

“Stratospheric Space Station Muzak” (The Wire 1997)

“The tracks achieve a most remarkable symbiotic chemistry” (Immerse 1997)


01 Vinyl1:1
02 Plane Spotting (Not Enuf Remix by NUF)
03 Plusminus 30
04 Nike Air, Remix by Solid Doctor
05 Plastikthai
06 Pan.13
07 Porter vs Whimp, Remix by Porter Ricks
08 Whimp, Remix by NUF
09 Whimpish Wave, Remix by Scanner
10 Chilled Nr.6, Remix by Muslimgauze
11 Pan.13, Remix by Braun

(continuous mix)