Friedman & Dodd-Ellis – Skies Okay Blue – 12″

new Vinyl release on September 19th 2014 featuring the voice of Daniel Dodd-EllisThe upcoming 3 track Vinyl 12″ will be accompanied by 2 videos produced by Friedman/Plachy uploaded to Nonplace on youtube, September 15th 2014.

The 12″ contains 2 extended versions of both tracks.

A1 Skies Okay Blue 8:00
B1 Cycles 6:44
B2 Silberne Libelle 2:05

With “Skies Okay Blue” Nonplace offers two pared-down vocal tracks that place subtle and unexpected rhythms alongside the manifest regularity of electronic dance music.
Measuring in at DJ-friendly 122 to 128 bpm, the seemingly straightforward grooves turn out, on closer listening, to be intertwined with uneven beats: 12 in the case of A1, 5 in the case of B1. These beats, ubiquitously and erroneously described as “polyrhythms”, are based merely on the combination of the always unalterable even metre – in this case bass drum and hi-hat – with superimposed, actually formative, rhythms recognizable by a cycle of sequences, melody, bass or percussion, etc.