Interviews in English

2016: Interview with Philip Kearney for XLR8r Rhythm Anomaly
2015: Interview with C.Nippard for DJ Broadcast Basslet & MusicTech
2015: Talk with Dasha Rush/Groove magazine Lyrics and Poetry
2014: Interview with Oli Warwick for Juno, Behind The Groove
2014: Interview with Will Lynch for Resident Advisor, Western Smoke
2014: Interview with Mark Smith for Electronic Beats, Are We Brainwashed ?
2014: Interview for Tokafi, Concepts Of Originality
2014: Interview for The Arts Desk, Sub Sahara Tour, Rhythm Theory
2013: Interview for Mahala, South Africa, Rhythm Theory, Sub Sahara Tour
2010: Interview for Milkfactory, 10th Nonplace Label Anniversary
2008: Interview with Bob Baker Fish/ Cyclic Defrost, Sampling, Con Ritmo
2006: Interview with Mike Barnes for The Wire, Invisible Jukebox