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“Perpetuating the original spirit of krautrock.” (Boomkat)
“Shows the unquenched thirst of a devoted sonic defragmenter.”(Bigshot Mag)
“…the music remains as light as air floating in limbo.” (Dublab)
“Un objet inclassable.” (LeGrandBazart)


Interviews in English

2014: Interview for The Arts Desk, Sub Sahara Tour, Rhythm Theory
2013: Interview for Mahala, South Africa, Rhythm Theory, Sub Sahara Tour
2010: Interview for
Milkfactory, 10th Nonplace Label Anniversary
2008: Interview with Bob Baker Fish/ Cyclic Defrost, Early Recordings, Sampling, Con Ritmo
2006: Interview with Mike Barnes/ The Wire, Invisible Jukebox 






Friedman´s complete discography
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Musikzimmer Nonplace discography
Discogs Secret Rhythms

Friedman & Liebezeit in Mac Life (10/2008)

interview, published October 2008, in German Continue

THE WIRE, Invisible Jukebox (4/2006)

by Mike Barnes, The Wire 266, April 2006 Continue

THE WIRE Magazine “Nowhere Man” (2000)

THE WIRE Magazine “Nowhere Man” The Wire: Burnt Friedman, 2000 by Chris Sharp Continue